P&Z Agendas

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2023 Agendas

11.15.2023 P&Z Agenda – MEETING CANCELLED

10.18.2023 P&Z Agenda

9.20.2023 P&Z Agenda

8.16.2023 P&Z Agenda

7.19.2023 P&Z Agenda

6.21.2023 P&Z Agenda

Public Hearing Notice for Arbor Hills Preliminary Plat 6.21.2023 at 5:00 p.m. – Glenwood City Hall

May Meeting Cancelled

4.12.2023 P&Z Agenda

3.15.2023 P&Z Agenda

2.15.2023 P&Z Agenda

1.18.2023 P&Z Agenda  – CANCELLED Due to Inclement Weather

2022 Agendas

12.21.2022 P&Z Agenda -Meeting Cancelled

11.16.2022 P&Z Agenda

10.19.2022 P&Z Agenda

9.21.2022 P&Z Agenda

8.17.2022 P&Z Agenda

7.20.2022 P&Z AgendaMeeting Cancelled

6.15.2022 P&Z Agenda

4.20.2022 P&Z Agenda

03.17.2022 P&Z Agenda

2.16.2022  P&Z Agenda

01.19.2022 P&Z Agenda

2021 Agendas

No December 2021 Meeting

11.17.2021 P&Z Agenda

10.20.2021 P&Z Agenda

9.15.2021 P&Z Agenda

7.21.2021 P&Z Agenda

6.23.2021 P&Z Agenda

6.16.2021 P&Z Agenda

6.7.2021 P&Z Agenda

5.19.2021 P&Z Agenda

4.28.2021 P&Z AgendaNo Quorum – Meeting could not be conducted.

4.8.2021 P&Z Agenda – Joint meeting with City Council, Planning and Zoning & Board of Adjustment. Members will be attending a Rural Housing Readiness Assessment workshop put on by ISU. A quorum of either or all boards may be present at this meeting.  No action will be taken at this meeting!

04.05.2021 P&Z Agenda – joint meeting between City Council & Planning & Zoning. No action will be taken at this meeting. Discussion on Glenwood’s comprehensive plan & the land development ordinances. This will be an in-person meeting.

4.7.2021 P&Z Agenda

Notice of Public Hearing for Pony Creek Liquor
Public Hearing for Pony Creek Liquor Conditional Use Permit
April 7, 2021 at 5:00 p.m. at City Hall or log in using above credentials for virtual attendance

3.17.2021 P&Z Agenda

2.17.2021 P&Z Agenda

01.20.2021 P&Z Agenda


05.27.2020 P&Z Agenda

07.08.2020 P&Z AgendaPlease use this link and phone number for logging into tonight’s meeting

08.05.2020 P&Z Agenda 

08.26.2020 P&Z Agenda

9.16.2020 P&Z Agenda

10.21.2020 P&Z Agenda

12.16.2020 P&Z Agenda