Park 207 E. Sharp St.

Park Hours:  8:30am to 10:00pm or dusk

Park Superintendent                   
Ron Mattox

When enjoying our Park, please remember:

  • Wipe down all surfaces before and after use
  • Bring your own hand soap or hand sanitizer
  • Playgrounds are open and to be used at your own risk, be sure to wash hands before and after use
If you are interested in purchasing a memorial and commemorative tree or bench, please fill out the agreement linked below and return it to City Hall.  Please call for current prices Park Superintendent Ron Mattox – 712-520-7275 or  City Hall 712-527-4717.
Tree & Bench Agreement

Reserve a Park Shelter – Beginning March 1

Park Board

  • 3 year term
  • Appointed by Mayor
  • Meets 3rd Thursday of month at City Hall at 9am



Board Members

  • Malcom McCue – End of term 01/02/23
  • Vanessa Covington – End of term 01/02/25
  • Randy Romens – End of term 01/02/23
  • Chelsey Mass – End of term 01/02/24
  • Jim Henderson – End of term 04/10/24

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