City of Glenwood, Iowa

Cemetery – 1105 N. Locust St.

Memorial Flowers:  The Cemetery allows flowers to be put on graves starting the Friday before Memorial Day.  Flowers are to be removed by the following Monday after Memorial Day – Thank you.

Cemetery Sexton
Mike Collins
Office: 712-527-3856    Cell: 712.520.5282

Cemetery Board (3 year term; appointed by Mayor)
3rd Wednesday of each month at the Cemetery Legion building (9:30 am)

Cemetery Board Meeting Tentative Agendas

Cemetery Board Meeting Minutes

 Board Members
Chairperson – Ray Dean Cain – End of term 07/05/2020
Jerry Shaw – End of term 02/08/2020
Bev Blasi – End of term 11/01/2020

Cemetery Rates – January 1, 2021