P&Z and BOA

P&Z Agendas

P&Z Minutes

Planning and Zoning Board
5 year term

Appointed by City Council
Two members are County appointed

Planning and Zoning Board Members:
Christina Duran – End of term 08/07/24
Richard Crouch (County appointed) – End of term 08/07/2023
Ed Bogard – End of Term 08/27/2024
Susan Schenck – End of term 08/27/2024
Chairmen Dick Davis – End of term 08/07/2025
Vacant (County appointed) 
John Bueltel – End of term 08/07/2023

Board of Adjustment Agendas

Board of Adjustment Minutes

Board of Adjustment:

5 year term
Appointed by City Council
One member is County appointed

Board of Adjustment Board Members:
Carol Vinton (County Appointed) – End of term 01/02/2026
Linda Goos – End of term 02/09/2023
Jonathan Abrams – End of term 01/02/2028
Joe George – End of term 11/21/2029
Vacant – City Appointed

If you or someone you know is interested in any of our open positions on the Planning & Zoning Board or Board of Adjustments please contact City Hall at 712-527-4717 or send an email to mgray@glenwoodfire.us