City of Glenwood, Iowa

Water Department – 7 N. Vine St.

08/10/2016:  GMU will have an opening on their Board in January,  2017.  If you are interested in this position; please contact Mayor Brian Tackett for more information.   City Hall # is 527.4717


Glenwood Municipal Utilities
Phone: 712-527-4868
Address: 7 N. Vine St (Drop box available)

Utilities Superintendent
Dale Marshall

Sewer Treatment Plant

Water Department Board

Board Members
Chairman: Doug Meggison – End of term 01/02/2019
Marcia Cain – End of term 01/02/2023
Vonnie Esterling – End of term 01/02/2021
Dick Davis – End of term 01/02/2018
Lonnie Mayberry – End of term 01/02/2022