City Contacts/City Links

  • Public Works Director
    Jamey Clark
    Phone:  712.527.4598
    Cell: 712-520-0845

Mills County Non Emergency Number
Phone:  712.527.4844

  • Park Superintendent
    Ron Mattox
  • Library Director
    Tara Painter
    Phone:  712.527.5252
  • Fire Chief
    Matt Gray
    Phone:  712.527.3019
  • Cemetery Sexton
    Michael Collins
    Phone:  712.527.3856

Mills County Courthouse
Drivers License: 712.527.5314
License Plates: 712.527.1508
Auditor: 712.527.3146
Clerk of Court: 712.527.4880
Treasurer/Taxes: 712.527.4419 


Mills County Courthouse

Glenwood Area Chamber of Commerce

Mills County Public Health

Glenwood Community Schools

Glenwood Public Library

Mills County Economic Development Foundation

Glenwood Municipal Utility

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