City of Glenwood, Iowa

Code Enforcement – 3 N. Vine St. (behind City Hall)

Code Enforcement Officer

Devan Hitchcock
Phone: 712-527-9920 Ext. 265
Fax:  712-527-5236


What Code Enforcement Does

Code Enforcement works under the umbrella of the Police Department and in partnership with the citizens of Glenwood to promote and maintain a safe and desirable living and working environment. We help maintain and improve the quality of our community by enforcing codes, solving specific problems and promoting public safety within the community.

Many complaints that are made to Code Enforcement are not violations of the Glenwood City/Municipal Code. Before reporting an issue, please view the lists below to see if it is handled by Code Enforcement.

Common Code Enforcement Issues & Questions

Report a Violation

To report a violation 24 hours a day please contact

Mills County 911 Communications Centers

Non-Emergency number at:


What Happens After I Report a Violation?

Typically, the Code Enforcement Officer will visit the site of the violation within 48 hours after receiving the complaint. The Officer will evaluate the situation, possibly take pictures, and determine whether a violation has occurred.

If a violation has occurred, the Code Enforcement Officer will begin the compliance process by attempting to make contact with the property owner or responsible person, or will leave a courtesy notice “Red Tag” notifying the responsible person that a violation has occurred and a time frame in which to rectify the violation.


Contact Code Enforcement at 712-527-9920  Ext. 265 or


Do I Need a Permit?

Dear Glenwood Resident,

You are an important part of the community of Glenwood, Iowa and how you develop your property will affect our community for years to come, so as a courtesy, I would like to inform you about our building permit process.

The City of Glenwood regulates land development for the purpose of maintaining a sense of cohesiveness and livability, in addition to preventing future land disputes. The building permit process serves as a check point for development in the City of Glenwood so the property owner next to you cannot put up any type of building or structure without regards to his or her neighbor and the greater community.

A building permit regulates several areas to maintain a cohesive, attractive and livable community. They are: the size of the lot; the size, width, height, and location of the main building and accessory buildings on the lot; the amount of the lot that can be paved; the minimum amount of open space; required landscaping (for commercial and industrial); and parking requirements based on what property will be used for.

The following structures and additions require a permit before being built or placed on a property:

The City of Glenwood does not requiring permits for any type of interior structure alternation or remodel at this time.


Contact Code Enforcement at 712-527-9920  Ext. 265 or


Permits List

All other permits not listed can be picked up during normal business hours.

**All permits must be filled out and returned to the Police Department**


New Business in Town?

Here’s what you need to know!



Planning and Zoning Board

Planning and Zoning Board Members

Tim Becker – End of term 08/07/24
Richard Crouch (County appointed) – End of term 08/07/2023
Ed Bogard – End of Term 08/27/2024
Susan Schenck – End of term 08/27/2024
Chairmen Dick Davis – End of term 08/07/2020
Lori Ingoldsby (County appointed) – End of term 08/07/2022
John Bueltel – End of term 08/07/2023


Board of Adjustments

Board of Adjustment Board Members

Lonnie Mayberry (County Appointed) – End of term 01/02/2021
Jonathan Abrams – End of term 01/02/2023
Joe George – End of term 11/21/2022
Vacant – City Appointed
Vacant – City Appointed

If you or someone you know is interested in any of our open positions on the Planning & Zoning Board or Board of Adjustments please contact City Hall at 712-527-4717 or send an email to