Cemetery – 1105 N. Locust St.

Cemetery Rates – January 1, 2024

Glenwood Cemetery Policy:

No Planting of flowers, shrubs, or pots. No cement, plastic, or glass pots.  No permanent items or articles without OFFICE APPROVAL.

Memorial Flowers:  The Cemetery allows flowers to be put on graves starting the Friday before Memorial Day.  Flowers are to be removed by the following Monday after Memorial Day – Thank you.

Grave blankets & Holiday wreaths are removed on April 1st.  Other decorations are removed on mowing days. (Per City Ordinance)

Dogs must be leashed at all times and dog waste must be picked up (Pursuant to Glenwood City Ordinance)  DO NOT PUT DOG WASTE IN CEMETERY TRASH CANS

NO SMOKING –  Pursuant Iowa Smoke free Air Act

NO DOG WASTE  Pursuant To Glenwood City Ordinance

Cemetery Sexton
Mike Collins
Office: 712-527-3856

Cemetery Board (3 year term; appointed by Mayor)
3rd Wednesday of each month at the Cemetery Legion building (9:30 am)

 Board Members
Chairperson:  Ray Dean Cain – End of term 07/05/2029
Jerry Shaw – End of term 02/08/2026

Cemetery Board Meeting Tentative Agendas

Cemetery Board Meeting Minutes

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