Construction Projects

Fairview Creek Project – This page will have updates to the Fairview Creek Project.


5.17.2024 10:30 a.m. Update
Locust Street should be head to head traffic at this time. This should be used only for local traffic. They are setting up the detour for through traffic (including large trucks and semis) to 225th St to Elm St and then south to Sharp St.
We appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding. This project is being funded by DOT and we have little control on timeline, processes, or other issues relating to it. The original plan was to have this project started after RAGBRAI, however, the contractor that was awarded the contract had an opening and DOT approved them to start earlier than anticipated. We understand the timing is not ideal, nor are the road closures. We are doing the best we can to navigate this project to have the least amount of impact as possible. However, we are very much looking forward to having the north side of Locust St redone and smooth again.
We appreciate DOT’s willingness to partner with us on this project, without their support, this project would have had to wait several more years. Late Mayor Ron Kohn was able to work with DOT to get this project moved up about two years, as he knew it needed to be done as soon as possible.
Please continue to be patient and drive through the construction zone with care!
5/16/2024 –  3:20 p.m. UPDATE – Locust Street
Not the update that we wanted to post, however, we promised an update. The additional barricades to set up the detour to 225th Street will be here tomorrow. We do not have a timeframe at this moment.
The plan is to make Locust Street head to head traffic on the East side with temporary speed limit signs, possibly 20 mph, this will be for local traffic only. Through traffic will be sent down 225th Street to Elm and then South to Sharp Street. We know this may cause some issues with the utility work in the area, however it is a better alternative to semi trucks navigating Hazel St.
Unfortunately, there is no solution that will make everyone happy nor make sense for everyone. We are doing the best we can in the situation we are in now. As soon as we have a timeframe for the change in traffic, we will let you know.
Locust St – 5.16.2024 Update
We are working with our engineers and the contractor on a solution to the complaints we are hearing regarding the detour down Hazel St. Once a plan is finalized, we will post it.
You will see some increased activity on Locust St as they work on a possible solution.
You may see a “Road Closed to Thru Traffic” sign go up on south bound 221st St at 225th St, this will detour traffic down 225th St to Elm St and then Elm St south to Sharp St.
Please be cautious as you drive through the detour and construction areas.
**LOCUST STREET UPDATE – 5.15.2024**
As of this afternoon Locust Street Southbound will be closed to traffic, there is a detour marked. Please see the attached flyer from Eagle Engineering for specifics.
As a reminder, this is DOT project and is being conducted through DOT and not the City. We will continue to publish updates as we have them.  Locust Street Update 5.15.24


Red Bud Ave Construction Update 5.13.2024 <—- Please click this link for the construction update. Eagle Engineering will be hand delivering flyers to affected residents. 

5.13.2024 – Work is scheduled to begin next week, May 20, 2024. More information will be released later today or tomorrow.

4.10.2024 – Bluffs Paving & Utilities has an opening in their schedule and are going to try to start this project the first week of May. The City is in favor of getting this project done before RAGBRAI. Jake Zimmerer w/Eagle Engineering will work with Bluffs Paving on scheduling. Once we have a start date, we will put out an update!

4.5.2024 – Council awarded the bid for Red Bud Ave to Bluffs Paving & Utilities in the amount of $246,398.47 at the March 26, 2024 meeting.  We are working with the contractor to set up dates for the repair.  Part of the scheduled road repairs are just outside city limits, Mills County has agreed to partner with the City on this project and cover some of the costs.

3.8.2024 – Council approved Eagle Engineering to move forward on this project, they will be requesting bids and setting a public hearing for the bid-letting.  We hope to have construction started in fall of 2024, but it will depend on contractor availability. Due to the higher than anticipated estimated costs, Council will be doing some research on a possible GO Bond for this project and other smaller street projects and equipment needs within the City.

City Council is aware of several complaints regarding Red Bud Ave, we are working with Eagle Engineering regarding a plan to repair this stretch of road. We will post more updates as they become available.


5.13.2024 Update – Western Engineering was scheduled to start today, however, the rain is pushing them back a day. You will notice several road closed signs on the side streets, streets will remain open to local traffic and will close when work is being done at that intersection. There will be a detour marked and the contractor would prefer for everyone to use the detour, even though 2 lanes of traffic on Locust should remain open. They will begin this project by doing some patchwork, after that is done they will grind and overlay the road.

4.30.2024 Update – A preconstruction meeting was held today, Western Engineering had an opening in their schedule and will be starting this project the week of May 13, they estimate construction to take about 5-6 weeks. In the next week, we will have more information on timing, a construction notice will be sent to affected residents and businesses on Locust St. The plan is to keep two lanes open during construction.

4.10.2024 – Western Engineering is looking at the possibility of starting this project before summer. There is a preconstruction meeting scheduled for April 30, the City will pass along updates as we have them.

You will see some increased activity on North Locust Street. The City was awarded a Surface Transportation Block Grant through the DOT, this grant is a 80/20 match grant. This project will include Locust Street from Sharp Street north to around North Hazel Street.  Work should be completed in FY2024. The work you are seeing now is the very first steps in getting ready to put this project out for bid.

PLEASE CLICK HERE for Notice of Hearing and Letting  for LOCUST STREET ASPHALT PROJECT – DOT awarded this contract and the construction is set to being in September 2024.  DOT is funding this project via a reimbursement grant and are managing the project. Locust St is set to be repaired from Sharp St north to around N. Hazel St.



5.13.2024 – Omni Engineering finished all of the asphalt overlay last week (way ahead of schedule). They will be back to stripe some parking stalls on the north side of the square and will be working on adjusting some water valves – there will be some temporary road closures while they are on site. This project should be wrapped up this week.

4.30.24 – Omni Engineering plans to begin this project on Monday, May 6, 2024. Please be aware of possible road closures during construction.  Notices to property owners will be delivered by public works employees this week.  Construction Notice

4.10.24 – Several areas near downtown will be milled and then overlaid with asphalt. This project is set to begin the week of May 6 and residents should expect temporary lane closures as work progresses.

Areas affected: Vine Street from 1st to 3rd, 1st Street from Locust to Walnut, Coolidge Street from Walnut to Vine & Walnut Street from Coolidge to Tyson – Asphalt Project Map

Notices will be sent to affected property owners and businesses as dates are finalized.


11.29.2023 – West 6th Street UPDATE – The Contractors plan to have 6th Street reopened on Friday, December 8, 2023, weather permitting. The last section of roadway was poured on Tuesday, November 28, 2023.

9.8.2023 – West 6th Street Closure to begin on 9.18.2023 and expected to last several weeks. Please plan accordingly. Below is a map of the closure and a letter that was sent to affected residents along 6th Street and Maplewood Cir.



Coolidge Street repairs are ahead of schedule, the portion from Locust St east to the bank parking lot is open for traffic! They are working on finishing touches on the section that is west of Walnut Street and it should be open soon. Then they will finish up with the section in the middle.

The City’s Contractor, Carley Construction, is scheduled to begin construction along Coolidge Street between Locust Street & Walnut Street. The work includes removal of existing brick pavement, driveway connections, and offsite storm water. Work is expected to commence on Monday, March 27, 2023.

If you have any questions, you may call one of the following contacts for the project:

Jeff Fry – Eagle Engineering – 402-699-1095
Jake Zimmerer – Eagle Engineering – 402-399-0227
City of Glenwood Public Works – 712-527-4598

Affected property owners will be contacted by Eagle Engineering individually.

Please click on the link below for an update on the Coolidge Street Project. The City has contacted street repairs and storm sewer installation on Coolidge Street from Locust Street to Walnut Street. As more information and definite timelines become available, we will post updates. Property owners will be notified with more information regarding definite timelines and disruptions to traffic.
Coolidge Street Repairs Update